White Lines And Red Tape

White Lines And Red Tape

Forward "This painting is painted for my son and my little family.. Don't let this world change the person you are and want to be, Don't ever let it turn your heart cold and know you are never alone when times are hard I will carry you and love you so will you ancestor's as they have carried  me. 

There are many symbols used to represent the lore of the land and your culture. This is where you come from.

Strong men and women that know many things about the land and if you follow the dots and circles both clockwise and anticlockwise you can read the song. The white lines and red tape bordering and splitting the picture of peace is colonisation the red dots on the white lines represent all the blood shed by our people past,present and hopefully not future that have been lost to mental health and systematic abuse and neglect affect that are the lingering affects of colonisation and having to adapt to the white lines inforced apon us restricting us over many generations.

To many lives have been lost because of systemic stigmatism of our culture and people and the oppression that still exists and land grabs that still accure. 

My father use to tell me when you go out act as if the whole word is watching and set a good example and I have always tried to do this at times the oppression I have faced has lead me down some dark roads but somewhere along the lines I found peace. The white lines on the red tape symbolise all our ancestors past present and future standing up together to say enough is enough with the ignorance and stigmas we are not just another statistic. 

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